General English

English as it is used in real life can feel very different from English in a more formal setting. General English lessons are based on everyday topics and are active, task-based and relevant to daily life.


You will develop your communication skills and improve your existing knowledge of English. The course will concentrate on your speaking, listening, reading and writing of English as well as providing you with lessons on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


General English courses include the following topics:


  • General conversation
  • Social situations
  • Events and holidays
  • Travel and directions
  • Shopping, eating and entertainment
  • Enquiries, documents and forms.


A good grasp of English and an ability to use it well in communicating with others can help you in both work and social settings. It enables you to connect with the vast majority of people in the world who work and study in different fields of trade, media, science, aviation, computing, diplomacy and tourism.


We will give you initial free session where we can assess your current English abilities, in order to develop your personal course plan. Once you start your course, each one-to-one lesson lasts 60 minutes, conducted using Skype and other interactive technology.


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General English